Mission Statement

The Somaliland-Australian Friendship Foundation (SAFF) is a not-for-profit organisation that is run by Somali and non-Somali volunteers. The aim of SAFF is to promote and encourage friendship, cross-cultural understanding, trade and other exchanges between the peoples and governments of the Republic of Somaliland and Australia.

About Us

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2010, the Somaliland-Australian Friendship Foundation (SAFF) has established branches across Australia in order to promote friendship and cooperation between the governments and peoples of Australia and Somaliland.

The SAFF aims to become an important bridge not only between the nations of Somaliland and Australia but to also be a bridge between Australia’s Somaliland community and the wider community. The SAFF will be a voice for the interests and concerns for the Somaliland community while also seeking to promote knowledge of Somaliland’s history and culture in Australia. The SAFF will likewise seek to improve the knowledge of Australia in Somaliland.

In addition to promoting trade and investment between Australia and Somaliland, the SAFF will work to encourage the Australian Government and others to invest in projects to help in the social and economic development of Somaliland.

The SAFF is guided by the principles of:
Representation, Diversity, Integration, Integrity, Excellence, Empowerment,
Accountability, Participation, Equality, Teamwork, Dialogue and Respect.

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