Somaliland: Vice president officially opens International Business Expo

HARGEISA — Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman A. Ismail officially inaugurated the Somaliland Business Fair expo on Saturday in Hargeisa to promote entrepreneurship and strengthen public-private dialogue. The conference was jointly organized by Somaliland Business Fair committee and the private sector including OGF, Dahabshiil, SomCable and others. The five day event is expected to showcase Somaliland’s growing private industries and the newest products available in the local market.

Along with VP Abdirahman A. Ismail, the opening ceremony was attended by officials from Commerce, Finance, Fisheries, Planning, Livestock Husbandry, Education, Mayor of Hargeisa, local and international Businessmen, other foreign VIPs, MPs of Parliament, officials from independent organizations and ordinary citizens.

The event registered one hundred Companies from Somaliland and the neighboring Ethiopia and Djibouti. According to the organizers, 70 percent of the companies were locally based and they consisted of start-up to established large corporations. It was the largest such event to be held in the country to date. The Chairman of Somaliland Business Fair (SBF), Mr. Ali Mohamed Yusuf, briefed the attendees that the event has been initiated and organized by group of four youths and he thanked them for their endeavor. The Mayor of Hargeisa Eng. Hussein Mohamud Ji’ir said he was upbeat that such large Fair took place in Somaliland and that it was an honor and pleasure for him that the event was held in Hargeisa.

The CEO of Dahabshiil Mr. Abdirashiid Mohamed said that his Company remains ready for the progress of the country. He added that he was pleased in attending this Fair and that it was an honor to present Dahabshiil products and services to the public. “Being Dahabshiil, we hail whatever is useful for the country and we are interested in investing our country that is peaceful and needs investment projects and economy,” he said. SomCable manager, Mr. Yusuf Hussein Abdulla also said that it was noteworthy the people and the youth who worked on the Fair. He said that it showed that unity and solidarity can create such initiatives if people join hands together.

Somaliland Chairman of Chamber of Commerce Mr. Mohamed Shukri made speech at the event and said that the Business Fair sends clear message that Somaliland achieved progress. “I ask the almighty Allah that those young individuals set good example and others will follow suit and we welcome such this initiative” he said.

Somaliland Commerce Minister Mr. Abdirisak Khalif Ahmed speaking at the Fair said that youth made useful enterprises and put forward large Business Fair. He congratulated the youth, organizers and the private-public sector. He concluded by stating that the conference will give all businesses, emerging and established, the opportunity to showcase their products and services to the Somaliland public.

Finally, Somaliland Vice President Mr. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail spoke at the ceremony and said that it is great honor for the government that such huge business Fair opens in the country. He told that Somaliland is more developed in business and democracy compared to many countries in the region. He acknowledged that this will open doors when it comes to Somaliland business. “It will facilitate trade ties between locals, regional and international enterprises on a business-to-business levels. The expihibition showcases Somaliland’s progress and stability,” he cited. He thanked the youth that spearheaded the event.


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